Alessandra, class '93.
One hundred percent Asian, living somewhere in Europe.

✓ Things I like:
● AC Milan
● motoGP ♥ Lorenzo & Marquez
● K-Pop ♥ Girls Generation, T-ara, IU & Miss A
● Kamen Rider W and Fourze
● Anime/Manga ♥ Slam Dunk & Tenipuri
● Japanese/Korean Dramas
●drawing, reading, writing, baking, knitting & traveling.

✓ This tumblr mainly contains reblogs of my favorite things and other random stuff.
I sometimes post pictures or blabs about my life.

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Dylan and Cole Sprouse are 20

That’s so raven has been off of tv (other than reruns) for 6 years

Lizzie McGuire ended over 9 years ago

Shrek 1 came out 11 years ago

Hilary Duff has had a child

Miley Cyrus is engaged

Monster’s inc (1) came out 11 years ago

Feel old yet?

↪ February 18th, 2012.

Happy 22nd Birthday to the angelic Park Shin Hye

May 2012 be a wonderful year for the beautiful and talented Park actress. The wonderful, quirky and energetic, kind person that she is. Stay healthy and always be filled with happiness ♡

Things that will remind you of Yongseo <3


Happy 2nd Year Anniversary Yongseo 02♥11♥2012



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